Allen Vending Services moves from PMI to health cash plan

Allen Vending Services has replaced its private medical insurance scheme with a health cash plan in a bid to reduce costs.


The vending machine company introduced the Chamber Primary Health Plan from Westfield Health after its PMI premiums increased. So far, the change has received positive feedback from Allen’s 18 members of staff.

Through the cash plan, employees can get money back on the cost of everyday healthcare, as well access to services such as counseling, GP telephone consultations and the second opinion service Best Doctors.

The health cash plan’s physiotherapy and dental benefits have proved popular.

Bob Allen (pictured), managing director of Allen Vending Services, said: “The feedback we have had from staff has been brilliant. We were finding that our employees weren’t maximizing the PMI because they found it quite complicated, but they have told us how simple and efficient they find Westfield Health’s claims process.

“The plan has allowed us to provide healthcare access for everyone, while keeping our costs down, which is important for any business.”