Capital One to share how to become a destination employer

Capital One will share how to become a destination employer during the closing keynote session at Employee Benefits Live 2015 on 22 September.


The session, entitled ‘How to become a destination employer’, will focus on how employers can connect their employees with the key goals of the business.

This final keynote will also include tips on how employers can create an environment where staff can be the best version of themselves, as well as attract new workers.

Karen Bowes, vice president HR, international at Capital One, will lead the session.

She says: “Employers need to understand the power of purpose in an organisation and helping staff own the purpose of the organisation. If workers understand what they’re working for there is a value drive and it’s much more motivating.”

She also believes that giving employees a choice as to how they spend their time in the workplace can increase motivation and engagement. She suggests that the provision of comfortable areas to relax in, family-friendly benefits or gyms could help boost employee wellbeing and productivity.

In order to be a standout organisation, Bowes believes that employers must revamp their benefits offering. She says: “We need to debunk the myth that money is the primary feed of employee motivation.”

This is why Capital One brings its staff together to remind them of the important role they play in the overall objectives of the business. It also utilises posters and digital displays to highlight the aims of the organisation and how staff can work towards these.

The organisation also employs more traditional methods of communication, such as email campaigns, but uses them in a quirky way to ensure that they are memorable and engaging for staff. For instance, its chief executive officer writes weekly blogs to update the workforce of changes and developments within the business.

Bowes adds: “It’s the small things that really matter. Something like a hand-written note sticks in someone’s mind and costs very little.”

Employee Benefits Live 2015 will take place at Olympia National, London, on 21-22 September.

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