FTSE 250 CEO remuneration declines by 3%

The median level of total remuneration received by chief executive officers (CEOs) in the FTSE 250 fell by 3% last year, according to research by FIT Remuneration Consultants.

Total pay-salary-2015

Its annual FTSE 250 directors’ remuneration survey also found that 31% of CEOs received no salary increase, down from 33% the previous year.

The research also found that median salary inflation was between 2% and 3%.

This resulted in median salaries of £527,000 for CEOs, £341,000 for chief financial officers (CFOs) and £333,000 for other executive directors.

This represents an increase on the previous year, when median salaries reached £509,000, £332,000 and £321,000 for CEOs, CFOs and other executive directors, respectively.