Innocent Drinks to discuss the workforce of the future

Innocent Drinks will present the opening keynote session at Employee Benefits Live 2015 on 21 September, focusing on how employers can engage the workforce of the future.


Jane Marsh, group people director at Innocent Drinks, will discuss how the organisation has created a culture of engagement among its staff.

Innocent Drinks’ workplace philosophy embraces healthy living, an approach that it entwines with its reward and benefits package, as well as what it offers to its customers.

Marsh says: “Our benefits are informed by the kind of [organisation] we are, and the reward package we offer has changed as we have evolved as a business.”

This is one of the reasons why Innocent Drinks has introduced a shared parental leave policy, as well as a pension scheme where staff contribute 3% of their monthly salary and the organisation contributes 4%.

Innocent Drinks also has a philosophy of communicating with its 370 employees face-to-face whenever possible, and engaging with them on a one-to-one basis.

Marsh adds: “All the departments [at Innocent Drinks] are integrated together to make sure people socialise and get to know each other.”

She also notes that future-proofing a business can present a challenge to employers because of how changeable the benefits market can be. Marsh explains: “We’re in a world where everything is so changeable, including workplace benefits, so it’s important to make sure what you offer suits your staff demographic.”

Employee Benefits Live 2015 will take place on 21-22 September at Olympia National, London.

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