London Early Years Foundation awards pay rise and bonus

Credit: Isabelle Johnson/London Early Years Foundation

London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) has awarded its more than 800 employees a pay rise and a bonus in recognition of their efforts and to help attract new talent.

From 1 April, all staff across its 39 nurseries and central office staff, including bank staff and apprentices, will receive a 3.5% salary increase. A small bonus will also be given to all permanent employees, which will be pro-rata’d based on the number of hours worked during the current financial year.

All qualified level three teachers will be paid equal to, or above, the London living wage of £11.05 per hour, while all room leaders will receive at least £11.85 per hour.

The age-related minimum wage for permanent and bank staff under the age of 23 will be replaced with a rate on, or above, the national minimum wage, which is set to rise to £9.50 per hour this month.

In addition, all unqualified chefs will receive £11.10 per hour, qualified level two chefs will get paid £11.35 per hour, qualified level three chefs will get no less than £11.55 per hour and all level three LEYF Early Years Chef Academy accredited chefs will receive at least £12.03 per hour.

LEYF has also introduced an extra day off for all permanent employees’ birthdays and has increased the value of long service awards.

June O’Sullivan, chief executive of LEYF, said: “We want to show our staff how much we value their loyalty and dedication. We know that staff shortages are affecting life in our nurseries and we want to do all we can to look after our employees who are vital to the running of the organisation.

“Investing in our staff is central to LEYF ethos and will continue to be our priority in the coming years. We are also fully aware that cost of living is increasing, adversely affecting many working in the sector, which is why we are proud to offer this new reward package.”