Rudeness, brusque emails, gossiping: what’s affecting your company culture?

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We’ve all had those days when we’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed, but what happens when irritable behaviour is continually brought to the office?

While it’s important to make sure an employee’s attitude isn’t coming from a more serious place – like a mental health issue – general bad behaviour could really be affecting your business.

Snide comments, snapping colleagues and rude emails can isolate people and generally make your company a fairly unpleasant place to work. If an employee’s impolite, or difficult to cooperate with, other staff members might go out of their way to avoid them or vent at others, creating a cycle of ill-feeling. This can affect productivity, staff retention and employee wellbeing.

Make sure you’re tackling the issue head on and listening to workers who raise concerns about colleagues. Keep your eye out for out-of-character behaviour also to ensure you’re not missing a cry for help.

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