Team building organisation seeks aural artist to create soothing sounds


Something for the weekend: Corporate team building business is recruiting an ASMR artist, to deliver soothing sounds to stressed-out office workers for £30 an hour.

The role will see a zen-focused member of the public sign up to conduct hour-long group sessions for employees, delivering aural triggers that aim to reduce stress and bolster mental wellbeing and mindfulness. This could include, for example, whispering, tapping or crinkling different materials to make noises, although the chosen ASMR artist will also be asked to incorporate traditional office stationary into their repertoire, such as shaking staple boxes or tapping keyboards.

ASMR is an abbreviation of autonomous sensory meridian response; this is where certain sounds trigger a relaxing reaction in participants, commonly referred to as tingles. The corporate group sessions, therefore, aim to help employees relax at work.

The selected ASMR artist will be able to earn £30 an hour for helping staff unwind, however applicants will need to be comfortable travelling to different workplaces and will be required to undertake sessions at any time during the day. The ASMR artist will also need to be unfazed about being in close proximity with strangers, while a background in the massage and spa industry would be a bonus.

Tina Benson, managing director at said: “The ASMR community is a tight knit one, with millions of people across the world engaging and celebrating this new phenomenon. We thought why not bring it into the workplace? Its proven benefits of helping participants relax can only boost team morale and improve the atmosphere in a workplace.

“Many might feel uncomfortable at the thought of experiencing ASMR in a group setting at work, which is where our ASMR artists come in. We need a team of professionals who can help put a room at ease and deliver a combination of relaxing triggers that will soothe even the most stressed-out employee. Our corporate ASMR service might even introduce a new way of relaxing to some unsuspecting employees who just wanted to give it a go.”

Here at Employee Benefits, we wonder how effective ASMR really is in helping to reduce workplace stress; while we are quite used to tapping keyboard noises, perhaps flicking through a stash of post-it notes would be soothing, or maybe the rustle of numerous biros hoarded in a pen pot? We will have to give it a try for ourselves…