The Bottle Club to pay espresso martini tasters

Something for the weekend: Alcoholic beverage wholesaler The Bottle Club is searching for a candidate to help them find the best espresso martini in the UK. Yes, you read that right, you could be paid to drink espresso martinis.

According to The Bottle Club, Google search data shows that the Espresso Martini is officially the most popular cocktail in the UK, as the coffee-based cocktail was searched 118,000 times on average in the last month. Based on these findings, the business has launched its search for someone buzzing to satisfy their caffeine fix.

If selected, the successful applicant and their chosen guest will have the opportunity to sample £500 worth of cocktails over the course of three months around the area in which they live until they find what they consider to be the ultimate espresso martini, while also submitting photos of each drink.

The organisation will ask the lucky winner to rate each martini according to its ultimate cocktail criteria, which includes the flavour and strength ratio, the appearance and garnish, the value for money, the quality of ingredients used and if it has been shaken or stirred. We know which one James Bond would prefer.

In order to apply, espresso martini fans just need to fill in an application form, detailing in a short summary why they think they are the best person to be an official taste tester. The Bottle Club will even throw in a few pre-mixed espresso martini cans to start the cocktail tour off right.

If any Employee Benefits readers think they have the taste buds to determine the best espresso martini in the country then apply quickly, as applications for the role close on Tuesday 15 March. The winner will be announced on Thursday 17 March. Happy tasting, and drink responsibly!