The Swift way to get through the day

Credit: A.PAES /
Credit: A.PAES /

Something for the Weekend: Former Blur singer Damon Albarn may have dismissed her songwriting talents but Taylor Swift’s tunes have been getting the UK’s army of home workers through the pandemic, according to recent analysis.

A study by hotel chain Premier Inn of more than 800 playlists available on music streaming platform Spotify declared that the American megastar featured on twice as many remote working soundtracks as any other artist.

We can’t be sure exactly which of Swift’s songs people are playing as they trudge through their inbox in the spare room on a cold Monday morning but note that just two of the aptly-titled hits she’s released during the pandemic are Exile and Cardigan.

Meanwhile, for those lucky enough to not just get into an office but be allowed to listen to music once there, Ed Sheeran is the artist of choice, the study found. All employers will of course be hoping that no-one returning to the physical workplace this week after a long absence is putting on the headphones to slip back into some Bad Habits.

At Employee Benefits we are all about helping employers keep their workforces productive, focused and engaged. Perhaps subscriptions to music-streaming apps could form part of this mission for some organisations, supporting staff wherever they work and in their life beyond.

Regardless, we can all take inspiration from Taylor Swift. Number One hits on both sides of the Atlantic, 11 Grammy Awards and now homeworking artist of choice. Whatever Albarn did or didn’t say, we’re sure she’ll Shake It Off.