The top 10 most-read articles between 15 October – 21 October 2021

The top 10 most-read stories on between 15 October – 21 October 2021 were:

  1. EXCLUSIVE: Clipper Logistics launches financial wellbeing policy
  2. EXCLUSIVE: 26% of workplaces unaffected by the menopause
  3. DFS introduces staff menopause policies
  4. Should employers use total reward to attract and retain the talent they need?
  5. Glasgow refuse staff to strike due to pay row
  6. Sir Robert McAlpine motivates staff with total reward approach
  7. offers $5,000 to relax in a bath
  8. Pam Wellbeing research: 64% of staff have experienced burnout or fatigue
  9. Push and Solent Mind research: 37% of staff now have worse mental health
  10. Indeed Flex research: 50% of employers use non-financial perks