Top 5 benefits to using incentive travel

Incentive travel is a proven experience and a highly attractive reward that companies can rely upon to encourage employees or partners to boost sales and drive targets. It can be dangled like a carrot as the ultimate prize, rewarding success when the desired business result is achieved.  And having perhaps undergone its own vacation during the economic dip, incentive travel is back with bang and is the desirable reward programme, as it represents a genuine and compelling goal.

When incorporated into a targeted rewards programme, incentive travel presents a powerful inducement to achieving all kinds of outcomes:

It’s apparent that some companies overlook the overriding benefits that incentive travel provides to both employees and the business. They struggle to justify how a ‘holiday’ is an effective use of budget. But our top 5 benefits highlight why investing in and implementing incentive travel within your business will give you exciting results.

  • Achieve business goals

Incentive travel offers employees with an opportunity that encourages, motivates and inspires them to change their behaviour.  It provides focus, encouraging them to consider exactly what they need to do in order to achieve their goal. Put bluntly, employees need to engage and consistently perform, gain more sales and hit targets, which benefits your business, while the reward benefits them. Consequently, morale and teamwork will be high, providing the secondary benefits of an improved working environment and happy workforce.

Depending on the type of incentive trip you run, you could incorporate business building techniques within it. For example, if you are incentivising a whole team to be rewarded with a trip, then team bonding will be facilitated and team dynamics enhanced in a less formal setting and these improvements will naturally translate back into the workplace afterwards.

Be it a team trip or individual employee trip, incentive travel provides staff members with a break that enables them to relax, re-energise and relieve any stress.  The additional benefit of this to you is a team member who feels mentally and physically healthier on their return to work, and raring to go to achieve their next target.

  • Universal appeal

Travel, or any form of holiday, is a highly desirable treat that appeals to everyone and that employees crave. No matter how engaged an employee is, they will always look forward to their holidays. A variety of research shows that although a cash bonus is an attractive reward, travel tops the list. Cash is easily spent, but a holiday provides an amazing experience and memories that last. Plus, in some cases, employees can’t afford an adventurous or exotic holiday, so an all-inclusive trip that they haven’t had to pay for is something they will strive towards and long to achieve.

  • Memorable experience

Travel incentives provide a memorable experience for the beneficiary, so they feel that their efforts and hard work towards company targets were worth it. Not to mention that the memory of their trip will resonate back at work and will encourage dedication to work towards future rewards.  Plus recipients will be buzzing from their experience and excited to share with their colleagues, which in turn acts as internal PR for you.  Your own staff are your best advocates, being both credible and knowledgeable, and will voluntarily broadcast why other team members should take part.  No PR is more effective or motivational than word of mouth.

  • Increased loyalty

Those rewarded with a travel incentive are very likely to develop a deeper sense of loyalty towards their employer as they have been recognised and appreciated for their work. As we know, when an employee feels appreciated, they become more engaged and motivated, which results in improved productivity.  This demonstrates why travel incentives shouldn’t be considered a one-off investment, because the increased productivity will lead towards future sales and profitability.  In addition, it will help to keep your best staff – your achieving staff – in your company, as a rewards scheme that offers travel incentives is considered a big perk by staff.

  • Tailored for every budget

Scalability is another great bonus when it comes to incentive travel.  Trips can be tailored to suit any budget, be it a weekend break in the country or an all-singing, all-dancing holiday of a lifetime.  Different holidays will suit different people, and reward different levels of achievement, so flexibility in the awards themselves make them more affordable for the employer and more personal for the employee.  And whatever the destination, it’s still a reward and therefore still an impressive treat!

If you are thinking about implementing an incentive travel programme, how about offering a ski trip for a Christmas based incentive or a place at the Rugby World Cup or a trip to Venice as a Valentine’s Day incentive reward.

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