Unum UK reports 23% mean gender pay gap

Unum adoption assistance schemeEmployee benefits prover Unum UK has revealed that its 2021 mean gender pay gap was 23%, widening from 22% in 2020.

However, its median gender pay gap narrowed from 15% in 2020 to 14.8% in 2021. This was one percentage point less than its 2018 figure, while its mean gap was around four percentage points less.

Unum’s mean gender bonus gap increased slightly to 56.9% from 56.4%, whereas its median gender bonus gap dropped from 37% to 35%. In 2021, 93% of women and 92% of men received a bonus, compared with 92% and 90% in 2020, respectively.

For the second year in a row, Unum voluntarily reported its ethnicity pay gap in order to reflect its dedication as a signatory to the Race at Work Charter. Based on the 89% of employees who shared their ethnicity data, its mean pay gap fell from -11% in 2020 to -5% in 2021, while its median gap narrowed from -24% to -17%.

The organisation’s mean ethnicity bonus gap went from -0.7% in 2020 to -15% in 2021, and its median ethnicity gap changed from -7% to -13%. A total of 89% of ethnically diverse staff received a bonus in 2021, compared with 84% the previous year, whereas 93% of non-ethnically diverse employees were awarded a bonus in 2021, versus 91% in 2020.

Jane Hulme, HR director at Unum UK, said the provider continues to make good progress towards its HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter targets.

Hulme added: “In our fifth year of reporting our gender pay gap data, we’re proud of the progress we’ve made. We encourage our employees to feel comfortable sharing their diverse backgrounds.

“By understanding our demographics, we can remove any barriers or biases to ensure everyone has a fulfilling experience. Unum provides equal opportunities for employees of all backgrounds and gender identities to ensure we have an inclusive culture where everyone can bring their true self to work.”