Vivup is a wellness programme and is the first cost-free platform that provides a complete set of employee benefits and health and wellbeing initiatives all in one place.

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Vivup, taking good care of your staff.
Because a happy, healthy workforce makes good business sense.

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Our ambition is to make it easy for employers to take a different approach to employee benefits with a comprehensive health and wellbeing strategy that’s provided free of charge. Taking good care of your workforce isn’t just about offering individual benefits anymore, it’s about taking a completely different view and trying to understand and meet their complex needs.

Vivup provides employers with a support network to help staff become more grounded and less stressed individuals, at work and at home. Achieving this balance will increase productivity and create a more positive atmosphere at work that people aspire to be part of.

Vivup is a SME HCI Ltd brand. Founded in 2005, SME HCI Ltd is an employee benefits and health and wellbeing specialist with over 30 years of experience.

Vivup is a wellness programme and is the first cost-free platform that provides a complete set of employee benefits and health and wellbeing initiatives.


The Vivup wellness programme incorporates over 30 health and wellbeing schemes and initiatives all in one place under three distinct categories (Physical, Financial and Mental Health & Wellbeing), encouraging staff to stay physically fit and healthy, save money, become more financially stable and learn how to cope with stress.

From Cycle to Work, Gym Membership and savings on Home Electronics to Lease Cars, Fairer Finance and professional help with an Employee Assistance Programme, the all-encompassing Vivup platform helps meet the complex needs of the modern workforce.

The content available through Vivup is tailorable and the platform has the option to accommodate any schemes run by incumbent providers. Vivup’s messaging facility makes it quick and simple to communicate with employees with a health and wellbeing bulletin board to showcase company promotions and events and the ability to send all-staff messages to both personal and business devices.

With a 48-hour set-up, Vivup requires minimal administration and each organisation is supported by a dedicated account manager. The Vivup employer area provides comprehensive reporting and analytics into how staff are using the platform, helping organisations better understand how to proactively respond to the needs of their employees.

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Over half a million employees from a wide range of organisations have already benefited from our physical, financial and mental health and wellbeing schemes and initiatives. See how you can differentiate with Vivup today!


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