What are the benefits of the future?

You may already be aware of the future workplace and what the trends are looking like over the coming years, but what does all this mean for the world of employee benefits?

With an ever-changing workforce – older workers, the Millennials, the Sandwich Generation etc – many companies have seen the need for more tailored and inclusive solutions to their offering. And this doesn’t just include investing in perks, but also looking at the way businesses operate. For example, for a multi-generational workforce, managers will have to understand the differences in managing younger workers and older workers – and supporting a variety of flexible needs.

There have been countless stories on the ever-sedentary lifestyle that seems to be sweeping the UK, so standing-up desks in the office have seen a rise in popularity – but what about treadmill desks? The future could see even more emphasis on fitness and healthy eating.

There could also be a shift in the ownership of employee benefits. Traditionally, it could be considered part of HR, but with a happy, healthy workforce meaning so much to a company’s revenue, financial directors are now seeing wellbeing as part of their job role.

So what’s coming up that your company should be aware of? Check out our follow-up report to the Future Workplace: the Future of Employee Benefits

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