What working from home taught us about a hybrid working model

When the lockdown started, no one really knew or understood the gravity of the situation. For me, it reminded me of an unexpected school holiday – but instead of no school, it would just be no office for a bit. A new way to engage with colleagues discovers new ways of working and ultimately, begin a path of real self-discovery.

Going into the first lockdown, we all assumed that it was going to be about two weeks and then things would slowly return to normal. As the Internal Communications and Engagement Executive at RG, my job was to recreate activities that would usually be hosted in the offices and adapt them to create new versions of virtual events for our employees that would work in our new world. I was used to doing a lot on our employee engagement hub, boom! but this was going beyond our usual ways of working. It was time to try new things to engage my coworkers as we all began to get comfortable with working remotely. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot and especially some lessons for future me to pay attention to as well.

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