What’s attracting candidates to your company?

Companies know that nowadays, a good salary sometimes isn’t enough to entice the best talent. The culture, location, benefits and even technology has to be right to get the right people fighting for job opportunities. The internet has laid out exactly what other businesses around the world offer – and job hunters (especially the Millennials) can easily pit organisations against each other.

So are you getting everything right when posting up a new job opening? Talking about what additional things you offer over salary is a first step – you may have a great benefits package, but if you’re not shouting about it, it could prevent the people you really want from even applying for positions.

A workforce is made up of different people, with different backgrounds and needs, so during an interview, talk to candidates about what they’re looking for. If you show you’re open to suggestions and requests, it gives a good idea of the kind of culture your company has.

Our infographic takes a further look at what job hunters are looking for and some suggestions for improving what you already might do… For further reading, check out our free eBook on staff retention strategies – you’ve worked so hard to recruit your best people, so make sure you keep them.

15 things candidates look for in your company