When was the last time you changed your company dress code?


Business casual, smart casual, business smart, uniform… the company dress code can be a bit of a grey area. What one person considers smart, might be too casual for another. And there’s the small matter of people’s own fashion sense – we’ve all seen that single person stand out with a bright outfit amongst a sea of black suits.

Recent reports have highlighted the issue around women wearing heels at work – there’s always been a focus on how women dress, especially in the workplace, going back decades. And while heels certainly do give people a boost in the height and perhaps confidence department, there’s been backlash on the world wide web towards companies that possibly have a very old fashioned dress code. Not only are high heels not generally relevant to somebody’s job role, but they can also have prominent health effects when worn for a long period of time.

Following this, we asked if the traditional company dress code policy needs a bit of an update… Giving employees the choice in what the wear could do wonders for morale and productivity.

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