Women in business: here come the girls…

March was a big month for women – Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day dominated the social scene. It highlighted the road women have traveled through history and what prejudices still exist today.

Fair pay remains a huge issue in the corporate world – while things have improved, figures show that it would still take years to close the pay gap between men and women. Similarly, the level of workplace wellbeing still lacks for the ladies, with 42% of women feeling as if they’re not properly cared for by their employer.

So we’re celebrating the most influential women in business – check them out in the infographic below… A company’s best asset is its people, so looking after them is key. Tailoring your wellbeing strategy to suit their needs can help to recruit and perhaps more importantly, retain your valuable workforce.

It can be difficult to know where to start when developing an effective strategy, or improving an existing one. Get some tips and advice from our toolkit, a free resource with 7 modules to get you on the right track.

Article 1 - Influential Women infographic