Work-life balance: five pieces of the workplace wellbeing jigsaw

We continue to explore the critical issue of work-life balance – an issue which COVID has brought into sharp focus – with a blog post that suggests some strategies, tips and ideas to help both managers and employees to stay on the right track.

In a previous blog post, we identified the signs that organisations and managers can spot that may prove that their colleagues are struggling to get the balance right. Now, we are looking at what can be done by managers to help their employees when these red flags have been raised and how they can be a role model for their team members.

We explore ideas around how to build and maintain an open and proactive working culture that goes beyond policies and procedures, and how to ensure that positive conversations are started in the workplace and then kept going to help employees speak up if they are struggling.

The post contains plenty of practical ideas and advice. If you want to help your employees and support them in getting their work-life balance right, please click here to find out more.