You, your workforce and their mental health

It’s easy to overlook the small stuff – maybe someone’s a bit quieter or perhaps coming in later and later each day. It’s no big deal, right? But what if this is a sign of something more serious? If your line managers have good relationships with their team, they could recognise when someone’s behaving out of character – helping to avoid situations from becoming worse.

Mental health is a major issue for companies, especially seeing as in the last 6 years, the number of working days lost to depression, stress and anxiety has increased by 24%1. And yet despite this, it may seem that mental health problems are still a taboo in the workplace. There could be a general lack of understanding, or even worry that employers may do or say the wrong thing to someone suffering from depression or anxiety.

What’s clear, however, is mental health issues shouldn’t be treated any differently than a physical illness. But what can you do to balance out the support? Training line managers to spot the signs could help in preventing longer term sickness absence. Or making sure your company is promoting the support that’s available to staff could make the world of difference.

Our Managing Mental Health in the Workplace module, produced in association with the Mental Health Foundation gives practical tips and advice, as well as case studies, around how to support your staff – it also contributes to your CPD record.

12014 CMO annual report: public mental health

Article 1 infographic