Adecco Group UK and Ireland publishes gender pay gap report

Recruitment agency Adecco Group UK and Ireland has revealed that its mean gender pay gap widened by more than 8% in 2020, to -13% from -4% in 2019.

The median gender pay gap for colleagues and associates largely stayed flat at -2.38%, compared to -2.23% in 2019, while female representation in the top pay quartile increased from 47% to 53%.

More positively in terms of pay equality, the agency’s mean bonus gap narrowed by more than 15%, to -8% from -23% in 2019, which was driven by the improved female representation at a more senior level. The median bonus gap also narrowed, from 27% to 19%. However, more than two-thirds (68%) of men at the business received a bonus in 2020, while barely a third (32%) of women were awarded one.

To combat this, the business stated that it will continue to maximise the benefits of hybrid working and further develop its family friendly policies, introduce technology to remove bias from the recruitment process, further develop diverse recruitment, and continue to celebrate International Women’s Day through its inspiring women speaker series.

Samantha Rope, vice president of HR at Adecco Group UK and Ireland, explained that the team remained committed to making the workplace as inclusive as possible.

“Gender pay gap reporting and the analysis of our data brings transparency and focus to the different experiences of men and women in our organisation. We will use this insight coupled with our new data reporting capabilities to inform our workforce and our practices and enable us to make changes that will have a lasting impact for our colleagues.

“Our future at work aims not only to make the business a better place to work, but to use our position as a global leader in HR solutions to drive a greater and lasting impact for our clients, candidates and communities,” she said.