Aveva closes its gender pay gap in 15 countries

Global software organisation Aveva is closing its gender pay gap in 15 of its largest 20 countries, according to new data.

The company’s first Gender and ethnicity pay gap report revealed that in the UK, Aveva’s gender pay gap was 17% UK in 2021, down from 19% in 2020. These figures are both lower than the global averages for the last two years of 20.4% and 18.6%.

In addition, 44% of female employees were in the lowest pay quartile of the company, compared to 56% of men, while 83% of men made up the upper pay quartile. Just over one in five male employees were eligible for bonuses, compared to 30.5% of female employees.

Aveva also published data on race and ethnicity for the first time, starting with staff in the UK and US, two of its largest countries. It included workforce participation rates in these countries of 84% and 95% respectively.

In the UK, the report showed that the mean ethnicity pay gap for Asian backgrounds was 0.6%, for black, multiracial and other staff it was 4.2% and for white-other it was reported as 0.8%.

Data representing 95% of the US Aveva workforce revealed that the mean ethnicity pay gap between white employees and Asian staff was 5.7%, for Black, Native American and multiracial employees it was 16.7%, and for Hispanic and Latinx workers it was 17.6%.

According to the company, it is currently in the process of setting goals and targets for ethnicity/race, disability, sexual orientation and religion and belief.

Peter Herweck, chief executive of Aveva, believes that “it is so important that alongside gender, we understand and are transparent regarding ethnicity in our business”.

“This is a complex subject, and means different things across our geographies, but it is important to start to address this topic where we can and therefore, in this report, we are publishing the ethnicity pay gap for two of our countries,” he said.

He explained that Aveva faced a “challenge and opportunity” to become an employer of choice for STEM candidates and an inclusive place to work for all employees and future employees from diverse backgrounds.

“Our global aim is to ensure the way we hire and promote top talent is inclusive across the broad range of employees who work for Aveva,” Herweck concluded.