The Botantist offers £500 to test roast spuds

Woodlands restaurant

Something for the weekend: Have you ever considered putting the humble potato front and centre of your career plan? No? Well, think again, for restaurant chain The Botanist is on the hunt for a potato taster and will pay £500 for the privilege.

The gastropub company, which has around 20 restaurants in the UK, is looking for what it terms a “Pro-tato-taster”. The company’s Instagram account stated: “”Can you appreciate a good roast potato? If you know what makes a special spud or a how-to build roast worth a boast, then we have got the perfect weekend job for you. We’re on the hunt for a paid roast reviewer who will make sure our new sharing roast is always share-worthy.”.

The title of Pro-tato-taster falls somewhat short of the job description, which comes with a welter of additional responsibilities. These include not only checking out the roast potatoes but also the whole of the chain’s new “family-style sharing roasts”, including a board of parmesan cauliflower cheese, pigs in blankets, creamed cabbage and stuffing balls.

All the successful candidate has to do is turn up for a taste testing session on 19 September to ensure the boards are up to their Sunday Best before the Botanist launches its Sunday sharing roast. They will also be tasked with writing a 500-word review or creating their own TikTok or Instagram Reel, and will be rewarded with £500 for their efforts. How’s that for motivation?

Other benefits include the right to bring five friends along to enjoy the roast dinner with you and a complimentary unlimited roast for two, every month for a year.Tater-ly amazing.

Here at Employee Benefits, where our knowledge of Sunday Roasts is spudtacular, we find this post pretty a-peeling and, if it weren’t for the fact we love our current posts, would not hesi-tate to apply.