Clyde Munro Dental adopts hybrid working model

Clyde Munro Dental Group has introduced a fully flexible hybrid working model in order to support employee wellbeing.

Following a consultation with staff in which 72% voted to adopt hybrid working, the organisation’s support centre in Glasgow shifted to a blended model to give the team a greater sense of flexibility and autonomy. The team believes remote working will also attract new recruits to join from anywhere in the country.

Clyde Munro Dental Group also reduced its office capacity to cater for flexible staff, removing more than half of the total desk space to make way for a more spacious working environment, so just 11 out of the previous 28 working hubs remain. New informal meeting, conference and Zoom rooms, as well as a business lounge, have also been introduced.

According to the group, a living wall has been installed in the office which will provide health benefits for employees and create a comforting atmosphere. Soft furnishings such as four sofa chairs, a hanging egg chair and a massaging chair have been purchased for relaxation rooms within the office to create a space staff can unwind in.

Nicola Logan, head of human resources, commented that it was important for the business to reassess working conditions for the wellbeing of all staff, with results from an internal survey showing that nearly all employees wanted to adopt a hybrid model or work from home.

“Ultimately it’s all about finding what works for everyone so the office changes help give staff the option to work where they like while creating a space that can meet everyone’s needs. Our main focus with launching a more flexible hybrid approach is to support our teams to manage their time and workload effectively, but also take learnings from the pandemic enabling people to manage their own work-life balance,” she said.