Golden Charter moves to hybrid working model

Funeral plan provider Golden Charter is moving to a hybrid working model for its employees this month (October) as a way to balance employee engagement, wellbeing, and flexibility.

The shift means the majority of the organisation’s 200 staff members will now be home-based most of the time, only working from Golden Charter’s Glasgow offices one to two days a week.

Before the pandemic, staff had allocated desks. However, to enable this transition the company decided to implement socially-distanced hot-desks that can be pre-booked and used by any member of staff on their days in the office.

This is done through a cloud-based desk-booking service, Juggl Desks, which allows staff to decide when they will be in the office and then reserve a desk. The solution can be accessed through any device.

Golden Charter communications manager Lynn Smith explained the move was in part a response to employee feedback around some of the pitfalls of home working and would have “a positive effect” on employee engagement and wellbeing as a result.

She said: “Over the past 18 months, our employees have valued more flexibility that has come with working from home, but miss more informal interaction and collaboration with colleagues.

“Implementing Juggl desks helps us provide reassurance to our employees that they have the facilities and space they need to come back to the office safely and productively. It allows us as a company to better manage our workspace to ensure comfort and security for all.”

According to Smith, the roll-out of the new model is happening gradually, with the company keeping a close eye on how the pandemic, and government guidance, develops.

“We have already started reintroducing hybrid working teams back to the office, but are doing so on a gradual basis. Initially teams are reorienting themselves, becoming familiar with new facilities and most importantly reconnecting and meeting new colleagues in person, some for the first time,” she concluded.