Half of managers are stressed all or most of the time

Stress in workplace

Almost half (48%) of senior managers say they are stressed all or most of the time, according to research by Axa PPP Healthcare.

Its study of 1,000 senior managers, managing directors, business owners and chief executive officers, and 1,000 other employees also found that 23% of employee respondents feel stressed all or most of the time as well.

The study has been timed to coincide with Depression Awarenes Week, which runs from 20-26 April.

The survey also found:

  • 92% of senior manager respondents say they have suffered from stress at some point.
  • The biggest cause of stress among senior manager respondents was financial worries, cited by 34%, followed by workload (28%).
  • 45% of employee respondents said workload was their main cause of stress, and 26% cited financial worries.
  • 22% of all respondents cited that stress was caused by worries about their job security.
  • When asked where they felt most affected by stress, 44% of senior manager respondents stated the workplace, an additional 30% said they are affected by stress both at work and at home, and a further 26% felt most affected only at home.
  • Meanwhile, 44% of employee respondents felt most affected by stress at work, with an additional 43% feeling affected at both work and home, and a further 13% at home. 

Mark Winwood, director of psychological services at Axa PPP Healthcare, said: “It is concerning to see that almost half of the senior managers surveyed report experiencing constant stress.

“Occasionally experiencing symptoms of stress is to be expected. However, chronic stress can create or exacerbate existing mental health issues, including anxiety and depression and, as such, it is important to manage.

“By promoting stress-reducing behaviours wherever possible, such as a reduction in unnecessary out-of-hours emails, flexible working and an open culture where all employees can discuss their concerns and issues, businesses can minimise the effects of stress on all levels of the workforce.

“Changes in workplace culture are best implemented from the top down to effect real change, so managers could help their employees reduce stress, while also helping themselves. Having a culture that is open about stress and mental ill health will benefit everybody.”

Employee Benefits Wired: Workplace mental wellbeing

The inaugural Employee Benefits Wired, will take place on 28 April in association with mental health charity Mind and Legal and General, will discuss workplace mental health issues.

During the live webinar, an expert panel will discuss key issues such as reducing stigma, issues employers face with mental wellbeing and the impacts a general election may have on mental health support for business. 

Watch the webinar live at 3pm on 28 April