Case study: CSC switches on second opportunity for flex enrolment

The provision of additional enrolment periods in its flexible benefits scheme has played a key role in raising awareness about pensions and increasing employee engagement for CSC, a global provider of technology-enabled solutions and services.

The scheme year of the organisation, which employs about 7,500 people in the UK, runs from January to December. It has its main annual election window in November, when employees can choose from a wide range of benefits, including health and lifestyle perks.

A second opportunity for employees to enrol becomes available in March, with choices taking effect in April, but this focuses only on financial benefits, such as pensions.

Donna Nind, head of compensation and benefits, UK and Ireland, at CSC, says: “During the main annual enrolment period, people have a lot to think about in terms of what they will need, for example holidays, insurance and lifestyle benefits, and they may not give their pension choices as much thought as they could at that time. Having a second window, which effectively isolates pensions and other financial benefits, encourages people to focus on what is a key benefit for their personal financial planning.”

An additional mid-year enrolment window also offers a second chance to buy extra holiday, rather than staff having to make their choice at the main annual election period.

Providing this second opportunity in the middle of the year has made holiday purchase one of CSC’s most popular flexible benefits choices.

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