Deloitte reports 18% gender pay gap

Deloitte has revealed that its male staff are paid 18% more than their female counterparts.


The accountancy firm is due to publish details of its gender pay gap next week in its annual Impact Report. It supports prime minister David Cameron’s proposals to require larger businesses with more than 250 employees to publish their gender pay data

Meanwhile, the organisation’s 721 partners, based in the UK and Switzerland, were paid an average of £822,000 last year, up 10% on the £750,000 they earned in 2013.

Deloitte’s chief executive and senior partner, David Sproul, was paid £2.8million in 2014, up from £2.6 million in 2013.

Sproul said: “Deloitte’s gender pay gap stands at 17.8%, around 1.3% below the national figure. However, when looking across the organisation as a whole the pay gap between male and female employees at each grade is significantly lower, at 1.5%. 

“This illustrates that for Deloitte, the issue is far less about how we pay our people and more about the number of women employed at senior grades.

“We are determined to improve the retention of women within our firm and our representation of women in senior positions. We have an ambition that 25% of our partners will be women by 2020 and in June we announced the promotion of 22 new female partners. 

“We have also taken a number of steps to support these objectives, most recently introducing a return-to-work initiative designed to support women back into employment. 

”We believe that without a representative share of senior female employees average pay will never truly equalise. This is something we are working very hard to resolve.”