Staff at Fenland District Council set to declare office romances in writing

Dear Sir,

I’m writing to notify you that I am romantically attached to Ken – the tall ripped guy with amazing arm muscles (who also has a sensitive side) and works in IT.

I can assure you that, although we work together, we will not let our animal attraction (or love of lasagna) get in the way of our work-based tasks.

Yours sincerely.

This may sound far fetched, but a letter like this could become a reality for amorous staff at Fenland District Council, which has proposed employees should declare any close personal relationship in writing to their line manager.

Once personnel officers are informed, the information will be recorded on the personal files of both employees.

The proposed policy, which is available on the council’s website, read: “This is a new policy, which outlines Fenland District Council’s approach to the management of personal relationships at work, which include family relationships.

“Fenland District Council recognises that employees who work together may form personal friendships and, in some cases, close personal relationships. While the council does not wish to interfere with these personal relationships, it is necessary for the council to ensure all employees behave in an appropriate and professional manner at work.

“Intimate behaviour during work time is not acceptable, and this applies during all working time (not flexed off time), both on and off council sites. Any breach of this could be regarded as a disciplinary offence (potentially gross misconduct) leading to disciplinary action.”

This policy might be at home in a novel by George Orwell, but its very existence could destroy any feeling of romance in a modern workplace. After all, it is hardly romantic to involve the HR team in the courting process.