Employers do not meet green intentions around cars

Although 60% of fleet managers believe reducing the environmental impact of their company cars is very important, only 27% actually have policies in place to do something about it, according to new research from the Energy Saving Trust.

The research, which includes information from 331 companies in England and Wales, provides findings on this ‘green gap’ – the difference between what organisations say and what they actually do.

Gaps were also discovered between employers that claimed organisations should use the new car CO2 emission bands in their choice of vehicle (60%) and those who are actually addressing this option (36%).

Also, 60% said organisations should do their best in acting to reduce the environmental impact of their fleet, but only 27% are actively implementing green company cars.

Philip Sellwood, chief executive of the Energy Saving Trust, said: “We have come a long way in getting organisations to take the environmental impact of their fleet vehicles seriously. But we need them to have more than just a positive attitude.

“We are calling on businesses to do more than ‘talk the talk’. Many get full marks for attitude but not for effort, which is a surprise given the money they can save. It really is time to bridge the ‘green gap, cut carbon and save cash.”

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