Philips reduces driver grades

Electronics company Philips is to simplify its UK fleet arrangements for its 1,000-plus business drivers by reducing the number of grades on offer.

The firm, which allocates cars according to employees’ role and position, currently has around 10 grades for business users. It is now looking to reduce these to approximately six or seven levels.

Nina Platt, HR manager, UK reward, said: "We’re just trying to simplify it. We have quite a few levels, and we’re trying to slim that down a bit. Between some of the levels there’s hardly any difference in the cost to the company."

Business users have the choice of taking a company-provided car or monthly cash allowance to spend on a range of vehicles. But Platt added that it is trying to encourage employees to take the allowance.

The company, which employs 2,800 staff in the UK, has also completed re-enrolment for its salary sacrifice benefits package and introduced a wine club.

"We haven’t had enormous take-up, there’s only about 20 people that took it. My experience with new benefits is that they do tend to start off quite slowly and then really build up. We introduced a personal accident insurance a couple of years ago and when we introduced that about 15 or 20 staff took it up and now we’ve got over 100," Platt added.