Run Your Cars adopts online group-buying model for fleet management

Run Your Cars has introduced an online group-buying model in order to bring discounts to fleets run by small and medium-sized organisations.

The fleet management firm has adopted the Groupon model, which will see employers pay a monthly fee in return for access to fleet benefits at discounted rates, including accident management services and car servicing.

Further services, including risk management, will be available at an additional cost, and access to a range of car funding options is also available.

The monthly fee also enables employers to manage their fleet using Run Your Cars’ own online fleet management system.

Steve Whitmarsh, managing director at Run Your Cars, said: “Groupon has hit on a hugely successful business formula that sees consumers band together to buy goods and services at a block discount.

“Effectively that is exactly the thinking behind Run Your Cars, which has used its purchasing power to negotiate discounts with providers of a wide range of fleet services.

“All fleet decision-makers are looking to make financial savings. We have calculated that our existing employers are saving on average £300 per car per year. On a fleet of just 10 cars that adds up to £3,000, which is a significant bottom-line saving for a small organisation.”

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