IWG launches fitness membership benefit for 1,000 staff

running on treadmill

Workspace provider IWG has launched a new fitness membership benefit for its 1,000 employees, including staff at its brands Regus and Spaces, as well as for 100,000 members, to help individuals adopt a flexible approach to their fitness regime that suits both their lifestyle and working patterns.

The new benefit, which was introduced on 15 February 2019 in conjunction with Gympass, allows employees and members to have unlimited access to 1,700 different fitness venues in over 450 UK locations, as well as 40,000 fitness sites globally, via a monthly membership.

The fitness benefit has been designed to allow employees and members to save money on a traditional fitness membership, while also enabling them to find a suitable fitness facility and activity regardless of where they opt to work on a daily basis.

The benefit aims to support the growth of flexible and remote working, and the needs of the modern workforce, as well as work to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

IWG communicated the new benefit via email; the organisation’s senior management is also planning further on-site events to help increase engagement and uptake.

Michael Holmes, group commercial director at IWG, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Gympass, enabling our staff and members to have flexibility in more ways than one.

“At IWG, a core focus is how we can help [people] to be as productive and successful as possible. Health and wellbeing is a key driver of productivity, and through this partnership with Gympass, we are able to increase the number of active people among our members and staff, removing the barrier of price and providing them with the ability to exercise both at home and near the workplace.”