Protection, health and wellbeing benefits help 1,500 employees back to work

New research has proven the positive impact that protection, health and wellbeing (PH&W) benefits have upon a business.

According to trade body Group Risk Development (GRiD), more than 1,500 employees returned to work early following assistance from PH&W benefits during 2014.

Keeping a business healthy is one of the key components to running a successful organisation and these figures help to demonstrate that PH&W benefits help build sustainable workforces in businesses throughout the country.

This is the first time information like this has been collated and released, providing hard evidence that benefits of this nature can rehabilitate key members of staff back to work earlier than previously expected.

A total of £1.26bn worth of claims was distributed by the PH&W industry last year, providing support to 24,750 families. These figures evidence the positive impact these benefits can provide and highlights a fundamental way employers can reduce absenteeism in the workplace. 

Angela Jones

Angela Jones, PH&W consultant at Johnson Fleming said: “These figures demonstrate the outstanding impact benefits can have within a business when used effectively. As a company, we strive to help people understand how income protection and other benefits of this nature can be used to support a business and its employees in a time of need, while controlling costs for the organisation and individuals alike. It is really rewarding to see that these benefits are helping people throughout the UK when they need it most.” 

Johnson Fleming is hosting a seminar to inform attendees about effectively maximising the use of their benefits with the aim of providing attendees with an in-depth understanding of the benefits available to them. The event will take place at The Belfry Hotel & Resort on 16 June and will have guest speakers from AXA PPP Healthcare, Health Shield, Nuffield Health and MetLife. For more information, please visit