The importance of the Technology Scheme

A Digital Trends Consumer survey by Deloitte in 2020 produced some interesting insights about how our use of technology has changed in recent times – largely due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

They found that:

  • About 40 per cent of respondents did more online shopping during lockdown
  • 14 per cent had more remote (phone or video) appointments with health practitioners
  • A third streamed more films and/or TV series during lockdown

With such a large shift in our technology habits, it’s worth looking at how we can make it as easy as possible to get our hands on the items we need.

Working with employees, a great way that you can help your team with this is by providing the Technology Scheme as part of your employee benefit package.

The Technology Scheme allows your employees to spread the cost of brand-new tech in an easy and spread-out way.

This set up has many benefits for your employees and for you as the employer, which we’ll go through here.

Budget friendly

Getting our hands on the tech that we need, particularly the latest versions, can be quite expensive. Sometimes tech can be out of reach for an employee because it’s too expensive.

Your employees having the chance to pay for their purchase over time opens up more opportunities as the smaller repayments make it more affordable. So, even employees with lower budgets will be able to find something they want and that is affordable.

Calculator tool

Through our Technology Scheme, your employees will have access to a calculator tool so they can see how much their repayments will be.

Being able to see the repayment amounts allows employees to decide as to what they can afford and plan ahead when it comes to budgeting for their repayments

Both of these perks give your employees more options when it comes to financing new, better and more reliable tech.

Brand options

Different employees will have their own needs when it comes to tech. For example, someone who simply wishes to use a laptop to check their emails and do simple internet searching will likely be looking for a lower spec item than someone who wants to use it for gaming.

There are many options available through the Tech Scheme, so your employees can be sure to get something that’s right for their needs.

No credit checks

There are no credit checks or up-front payments needed for the Tech Scheme, so your employees won’t need to worry about their credit score affecting their eligibility for the scheme.

The fact that there are no up-front payments either means that they can set up a payment plan and won’t get any surprise payments that could potentially cause issues if they weren’t expecting it to be taken.

Expert support

Buying new tech can be confusing. Knowing what the terminology means and what specifications you need is difficult if you’re not particularly tech savvy.

The Tech Scheme can be used to buy tech in-store, so your employees can benefit from expert advice from staff instore.

An expert benefits provider will be available to provide support for you and your employees on how the scheme works too. We have a dedicated helpline for employers and employees to make sure your Technology Scheme runs as smoothly as possible.

Benefits for employers

Now that we’ve spoken about the benefits for your employees, let’s discuss some of the benefits for you as the employer.

As there is so much we use technology for, particularly with the increase of working from home, the Technology Scheme is highly attractive. At Caboodle, the Tech Scheme is consistently one of our most popular schemes.

There are also a wide variety of marketing materials available for you and your employees to make use of, which helps to increase the uptake.

You can also set specific open window periods, to make it easier for you to keep on top of the use of the scheme.

The Tech Scheme is a hugely popular employee benefits scheme which can help boost your employee benefits engagement and save employees money at the same time.