Vibrant Vegan Company seeks director of taste

vibrant vegan
Image caption: @vibrantveganco

Something for the weekend: Vegan meal delivery subscription service Vibrant Vegan Company is seeking a new director of taste to join its team, offering a salary of £50,000 a year and worldwide travel to flavour hotspots such as India, Japan and Mexico.

Vibrant Vegan Company, which provides weekly vegan meal boxes, is pulling out all the stops to attract its new director of taste, offering not only a lucrative salary, but also full sick pay and 28 days of annual leave.

For these benefits, the successful foodie will be required to research new and innovative recipes that use exotic ingredients, bringing them back to the UK to be included in Vibrant Vegan’s products, which include meals like Keralan jungle curry, west African peanut stew and Malaysian gyoza.

Armed with an excellent palate, the director of taste will need to travel to far-flung destinations such as Chile, China, India, Japan, Mexico and Turkey on their flavour quest, to discover and sample new plant-based ingredients. Available and willing to be away from the UK for long periods of time, the selected director of taste will also need to set up new overseas partnerships to source ingredients.

Although the chosen candidate will be required to work up to 35 hours a week, the business does offer flexible working patterns. This should enable Vibrant Vegan’s newest employee to also do some sightseeing; all expenses, such as travel, accommodation and food, will be paid for by the organisation.

Applicants need to have at least three years’ experience in a food business or as a chef, and preferably a degree in food science or a similar subject. Although the organisation is centred around vegan food, the director of taste does not need to be a vegan.

Candidates will be subjected to a full background check and will also undertake an in-house taste test, to check how fine-tuned their palate is.

Here at Employee Benefits, we would love to be paid to chow down on new plant-based dishes from across the globe; it would certainly make our al desko lunches a lot more interesting…